• Our Trading Algorithms have been in development over a 20 year period with approximately 10,000 hours invested.

• Our BANC System provides some of the best returns on the market without a single negative year.

• BANC is comprised of multiple algorithms combined with buy and hold all designed to work in conjunction with each other. This approach maximizes profits in every market condition whether that be up, down or sideways.

• BANC never shorts the market.

• You are in charge with BANC. BANC has an overall winning percentage greater than 80%. Each Algorithm has a progressively increasing win percentage from 74 to 98%. We provide you all the data and you decide how aggressive you want to be and the number of trades you want to make each year.

• We make it simple. We send you a buy or sell text alert for each algorithm and you execute the trade.

• We relieve investors from having to depend on financial analysts’ recommendations that may or may not be accurate.